Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Browns (mini review & swatches)

Hello friends!

Today's blog is about the favorite brow product of many makeup lovers, the Anastasia Beverly hills Dipbrow Pomade. I have been using the dark brown shade the last 4 months now and I really like it. It has a gel/cream texture and is available in many shades and its waterproof.  Dark shades can also be used as eyeliner so its 2 products in 1. It's easy to apply. I apply it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 double sided brush or the MAC 208 brow brush. You can create a very soft or very defined look by adjusting the amount of the product you use. I usually prefer a natural look and use a very little amount. I chose 4 of the brown shades which I think match my haircolor. So lets see the swatches.

Dark brown and ash brown are cool toned, chocolate is warm and medium brown is neutral in my opinion. Out of the four Dark brown is the one that suits my skintone and hair color best.

From left to right: Dark Brown, Chocolate, Ash Brown, Medium Brown

and this is after I washed my arm with soap and water... This stuff is really waterproof, you need special waterproof eye makeup remover to remove it completely from your eyebrows.

These and other new shades are available at where I also got mine.

Let me know if you would like to see brow swatches too on these shades.



  1. can you plz help me i have dark hair almost black granite and ebony are so harsh i want to try ash brown or should i go with the dark brown ????????? also i want to know which one ( dark brown or ash brown ) will give me a greyish black brows in a very natural way with no red warm tone

  2. Ash brown is definitely the most cool toned out of all the shades but it's lighter than Dark brown. on the other hand granite is also cool toned but its the darkest of all the shades and it may look harsh. So I think you should choose depending on the darkness of the color you want or suits you. I don't know your skin tone and hair color but if I had to suggest one color I would say Dark brown because it suits almost all skin tone. You can take a look here also

  3. thnx for your reply sweety i contacted you on your mail and i will be waiting thnx again

  4. would you say ash brown or medium brown is lighter? thank you :)

  5. I already have ABH in dark brown. And I liked it. I would like to purchase another one but with a lighter shade. I am an Asian girl with Brown-black hair. I am torn between medium brown vs ash brown. What shade would you suggest?

    1. Ash brown is a little lighter than the medium brown but both are definitely on the cool toned side. Ash brown has more grey tones than the medium brown. I personally would suggest medium brown :)

  6. I currently wear chocolate, but I am looking for one that is 1-2 shades lighter than chocolate. What do you suggest?



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